Beyond Cryptocurrencies – How can we achieve far more using blockchain?

Beyond Cryptocurrencies

In this digital era, Blockchain technology has a great power to transform its business process in different spheres starting from healthcare to education, etc. Here, each and every piece of data is recorded in an irreversible manner. They also play an important role in increased ease of developing business.

Top App Development companies are giving their best mobile application in extracting more Return on Investment. The criteria of fraudulent will be less and thus enhancing factors of credibility, accuracy, and efficiency, etc. This gigantic technology gives an assurance that transactions are properly conducted and recorded too. Several Cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, litecoin, and doguecoin, etc are included in the blockchain.

A brief sketch about Bitcoins

Initially, in the year 2011, Bitcoins were traded for one dollar each and last year its worth is about sixteen thousand dollars. Entrepreneurs have to appreciate the reliable technology that makes the Bitcoin a possible one. In other words, Blockchain is totally a virtual one, public ledger records each and everything in a secured manner.

At the same time, it also allows for a free transfer of cryptocurrency in a decentralized environment. Data is held in the network of systems owned and executed by systems. As every one of us knows that blockchain technology is a promising one and there is more demand for Bitcoin. Some of the important benefits are useful for business in different enterprises.

Huge supply chain management

Generally, for supply chain management, blockchain technology offers exclusive benefits of traceability and cost-effectiveness. It can be used to track different factors such as the movement of goods, origin, and quantity, etc. This automatically brings an enhanced level of transparency to Business to Business Ecosystems.


Quality Assurance

In case if the irregularity is pointed somewhere, blockchain system leads its point of origin. So that investigations and execution of necessary actions taken out without any complications. Tracking of its origin, batch data including other details are most important for QA and safety too.


Recording of transactions through a series of blockchain eliminates human error and secures data from tampering process. Records are verified each and every time and they are initially moved from node to another. Additionally, 100 % accuracy is guaranteed to the records and this process leaves a traceable audit too. The accounting process becomes an efficient one on the base level. Instead of maintaining separate records, a joint register is carried on. Here, the rectitude of an organization’s financial data is also guaranteed.

Smart Contracts

Generally, the time consuming contractual transactions can eradicate the growth of enterprises that process the whole of communications on a consistent basis. With the aid of smart contracts, agreements can be validated and signed through the set of the blockchain. This automatically saves time and money of an organization. Typically, CREDIT system offers an autonomous part along with internal cryptocurrency. By integrating everything into a single platform, an excessive amount of proprietary data is transformed to third parties.

Peer-to-peer Global transaction

The tremendous rise of Bitcoin and another cryptocurrency in the digital market is not a possible one without its merit. It enabled a secured and cheaper transfer of funds globally. For example in PayPal, there are more and more services which process international payments. Sizable fees per transaction are also required here. The other peer to peer payment services have some limitations such as the local restriction including the minimum transfer amount.

This is the major reason why most of the enterprises prefer for the cryptocurrency, especially for international transfers. No doubt, they are more secured and users are clear about the funds. It is clear now that blockchain is creating tramps in different organizations outside of the cryptocurrency. It is said to be that most of the people are not ready for decentralized digital ledgers but they are focusing more on the block chain’s progress.

Energy supply

Nowadays, both commercial establishments and households take more advantage of “transactive grids” especially for sustainable energy solutions. The blockchain is mainly used to enhance tracking of clean energy. Finally, once power is sent to the grid, no one can differentiate in case of it is generated by fossil fuel such as solar energy or wind.

Blockchain matters to small Business- Whether it is true?

Generally, smaller businesses work on the basic processes of scaling, invoicing, the inventory including its payroll which were created at its outset. While hiring with new staffs, contracting with the service provider, an alternative solution is always available. A smart contract is one of the best economical options that help both the smaller enterprises and medium enterprises to achieve their peak. Here, blockchain is used to create, check and also impose contracts between users. Major factors included are invoicing, paying bills, settling interest fees, handling inventory and other transactional activity, etc. These one have a great financial impact on the smaller business.

Enhancing Privacy and Security

As we know, reducing the overhead cost is a huge benefit for the small businesses concerned to the blockchain. At the same time, both security and transparency are the value-added benefits for any kind of business. Then, both private and public keys are protected by cryptography. It gives 100 % assurance that participants of blockchain services are verified without exposing any of sensitive personal financial data.

The customers are also benefitted by keeping sensitive data away from the third party. Their transaction details are verified without knowing any identity of the user and the system has overall control of the personal information too.  On the other side of the flip, the blockchain organizations are pulling advantages of overall Block chain’s tool. Their decentralized nature including its security features provides a list of better identification tools. The organization also offers the best way to identify everything also access to certified documents.