How frequently your app needs an update?

How frequently your app needs an update

Initially, when you develop a mobile app the first version will be completed within three to six months. It may take only less time, totally depending on the sophistication. Once the first version is completed, you can maintain the app just keeping it updated. Most of the popular apps in both of the Google Play and Apple App store are updated on either weekly or monthly basis. Here, you can gain knowledge about various types of release cycles along with the updates.

What are the major things going on?

Generally, the best apps will have frequent updates each and every month. There is a list of factors such as the size of app development team, feedback from the users and the data plays the major role for the app updates. The bug fixing should not take much of the time and at the same time, there should be a balance between the smaller app updates and release of the app. It is better to be prepared for the updates and also pay attention to the overall demands of the market.

Importance of App Updates

Generally, the updates are the most effective one, especially for the app marketing. In case if there is an app update, then the notification will be released automatically on the mobile device. The updates are listed in the Google Play Market or Apple App store. It is better to go ahead with app store ranking for the concerned mobile app in the store. Frequently fix the bugs and enhance the new features in a reliable manner. Regular updating of the app shows the users that the maintenance is going on well.

Finally, app developers for hire communicate with the user whenever there is a need for the release of the update along with the release notes. A small percentage of the users take time to read the notes and are also highly engaged in the app and understanding of the technical side of it. Do not ever miss to include the release notes along with the new app releases.

What are the monthly app updates?

Immediately posting an app onto the app store, there will be no immediate success with it. When an app becomes a successful one? It must meet the weekly updates on a regular basis. At last but not least, there should be at least one update each and every month. There should be a minimum of at least one update monthly or the app won’t reach the success level.

Both the feedback and the data regarding the app give a detailed understanding of the market. Initiate the app updates based on this concerned information, takes the app to next level. If the releases are more conservative in the initial stage, then the users receive the updates in the beginning stage itself.

Some exceptions may rise for not updating the app up to four times per month. If the management is going on for different apps, then it is difficult to update for the monthly basis. Additionally, there may be an app for the maintenance purpose without any cause for the investment of money or time into it.

What are the new features in the app updates?

There is a list of unique features for the implementation of the app. For the deployment, it takes a lot of time for the users to receive the updates. Typically, some time takes to build the new features which vary from one phase to another. It is most recommended not to spend more time on it. In case if you are going to develop a new feature for the app which is going to take some time to execute, it is better to find a separate way for the consolidation of the development cycle into two different weeks.

Obviously, it takes some time to consolidate for the development cycle into two weeks. For the safer side, it will be better to bring the larger development team for the list of enhanced features. More professionals working for a feature, as soon as possible the newer releases can be made. A collaborative effort can minimize the factor of time for each and every release.