Kraft Pillow Boxes – Why Such Designs Remain Best Choice For All Wholesalers In 2018?

Kraft Pillow Boxes

Kraft Pillow Boxes

Packaging is one of the most significant product features in today’s competitive business landscape. Not only does packaging provide better product organization and presentation features with boosted protection, it also play a huge role in setting up brand portfolios. Packaging boxes in all their different shapes and designs help brands get their products across to their target customers much more efficiently.

With more and more attention being diverted towards planet saving materials all around, Kraft for packaging is becoming more popular. Kraft materials, with modern manufacturing techniques are just as effective as regular cardstock. Considering this alongside their smaller carbon footprints on the environment, there is no reason to not use it as your main packaging option.

Kraft Pillow Boxes

2018 is a very influential year when it comes to new designing techniques and material choices. People are moving towards eco-friendly solutions for everything in their efforts to save the planet’s resources. Although Kraft Pillow Boxes might not be newest packaging designs in the market but they are now getting ever-more attention from manufacturers and customers alike. Custom Kraft Boxes made from durable and well processed materials are not being used for all kinds of products. Kraft Boxes with Lid are the new trend in food business while regular unique Kraft Boxes are implemented for almost all retail products.

Purpose of Packaging Boxes

To understand why Pillow-style packaging Boxes made from Kraft materials are so popular with wholesalers, we first need to understand the true purpose of packaging. Packaging solves many problem for product manufacturers and wholesalers at the same time. While manufacturers are able to package their products efficiently using packaging boxes, wholesalers can stock, ship and sell them in an organized fashion. Packaging boxes are particularly beneficial for wholesalers because:

  • They are available in all sizes making it possible for bulk product shipping
  • Can provide extra protection for fragile or general products under many situations
  • Can provide boosted brand recognition with printed brand logos and names
  • Kraft or cardstock boxes are available cheaply enhancing profit margins
  • They make product displays much better and more attractive

Packaging for all kinds of products whether they are sold from shelves or through shipping channels is a necessity. Different measure are taken to ensure all of these mentioned traits for products that always interest wholesalers a great deal.

Kraft Pillow Boxes

Why Are Custom Kraft Boxes So Popular?

And then we come to the recent popularization of Custom Kraft Boxes. 2017 has been a great year for people who like to take care of the planet. Kraft materials for all kinds and types packaging boxes are just the right step in the right direction for these motives. With all those campaigns running hot for global awareness for ecofriendly materials, Kraft materials have found themselves in the right place. Since these are made from the famous Kraft process and are practically taken from otherwise waste materials, these are considered to be very nature friendly.

This fact combined with the one that modern Kraft paper manufacturing and designing techniques have made this ecofriendly material function just like any other cardstock materials, make it popular in the packaging industry. Today, product manufacturers can get their hands on Custom Kraft Boxes that:

  • Are just as durable as any other types of boxes
  • Can be designed in any shapes, dimensions and sizes
  • Can have further design customizations with thick soft materials
  • Have high level of printability is available or surface laminations
  • Can be used as retail, shipping or storage packaging

Changing Trends of Packaging in 2018

Trends for packaging are changing in recent times. 2018 is considered to be the biggest year of change when it comes to packaging and all its different features. People are now more willing to purchase bulk products for their needs packaged in large packaging boxes. Individual products inside these large boxes can be packaged inside pillow style Kraft Boxes with Lid keeping them safe and well presented at all times.

The trademark brown color of Kraft Boxes is becoming more and more acceptable and trendy in the retail market. People not only recognize this brown color today as an ecofriendly option but are also more willing to use it over those fancy printed options. This recent change in trend during 2018 and a year or two before it is for the better. As a result much less natural resources are being used for packaging.

Kraft Pillow Boxes

Simple But Effective Kraft Pillow Boxes

Pillow style Kraft packaging boxes have been adopted by many product industries. Favor packaging with expensive products or regular shelf sold products are using pillow boxes to maximum effect. These pillow style boxes are not only beautiful in their design appeal but are also very functional offering protection and presentation for packaged products. Kraft material-made pillow boxes provide a simple and effective solution to gift-packaging as well where they can be wrapped or laminated with any custom design.

Not only are these Kraft Pillow Boxes available in many different sizes and dimensions but can also be used for many distinct product industries. As more and more people start trusting this ecofriendly Kraft paper materials, pillow boxes made from it are predicted to become even more popular. While their outside designs stay pretty much the same, on the inside, these can be customized with fancy inner tray customizations like section dividers. Beautiful paper, foam or velvet inserts can also be used for fragile expensive products securing them in place and presenting them efficiently.

Refined Kraft Materials As Good As Any Other Today

At its chore, why Kraft Pillow Boxes are some of the most preferred by wholesalers comes down to these materials being refined very efficiently. Where a couple of years ago Kraft materials were very soft and easily teared apart, today they are available in custom tear-proof finishes. Their sturdy durable walls make them perfect for wholesale and bulk product packaging at the same time.

These essentially paper materials are also very printing friendly providing the option for enhanced designs. As the customary brown color of these Kraft Boxes becomes more popular, wholesalers will incorporate them more in their products in the coming years. This trend of Kraft Pillow packaging in 2018 is predicted to rise in coming years and become one of the most popular packaging solutions available.